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Nadine (Georgia) 

  • theoriginalsupasisSo I asked my friend who is an amzing small business owner, if she had a product that would keep me safe from mosquitos. I have been using her products ever since and took for granted that I wasn't getring bitten! Besides the great fragrance, it is highly effective!

    It is far passed time for an endorsement! The first time I put it on I called her because it really seemed like my skin was drinking it up, responding to the real nourishment that it experienced! It must be that real deal quality Shea that she uses in the products! They ship really well too! One of those pictures is how my products arrived after travelling through 3,000 miles of heat to get to me!

    You want to get on as soon as possible and order something! Your skin will love you back! @townmamas
  • townmamas@theoriginalsupasisTHANK YOU for the feedback!! So glad you Like your products!!✨✨

Mary (New Orleans)
I love my herbal shea butter! It came at a perfect time. (As all good things do) I scalded my foot and cut my finger on a jagged metal lid. Ugh. Don't ask
Anyway the shea butter sage blend was amazingly healing. I can't see either of those injuries. Healed so quickly. 

The scent was so nice. Subtle. Packaging was great. I appreciate knowing where money product comes from. Love supporting women. Conscious placement of my energy/$.

Thank you

Nichelle (Berkeley)

Donna (Minnesota)

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